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American Made Roasted Maple 5-String Banjo Bridge

American Made Roasted Maple 5-String Banjo Bridge

  • $ 10.00

Are you looking for an American-made bridge that is full of tone, easy to set up, has increased volume and sustain, and just plain works? Then you are ready to try the absolute hottest bridge on the market today!

Sullivan Roasted Maple bridges use only grade A ebony for the top and are slanted on one face.

Available in 5/8, .656, and 11/16 in either standard or Crowe spacing and with a factory direct price of $10.00 each making this is one of the most cost effective upgrades you can get.  You will not be disappointed.

For more information on the roasting process, check out this post that Eric Sullivan wrote for the Derby City Calls website.

*Installation note:  The bridge should be installed with the Sullivan logo facing toward your peghead.

Item# SUL-RMB 

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